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Privacy Policy

1. Your Personal Data

The Personal Data Protection Act 2012 of Singapore (“PDPA”) governs the collection, use and disclosure of individuals’ personal data by organisations in a manner that recognises both the right of individuals to protect their personal data and the need of organisations to collect, use and disclose personal data for purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances.

Personal data is defined in the PDPA as “data, whether true or not, about an individual who can be identified —

a) from that data; or

b) from that data and other information to which the organisation has or is likely to have access.”

1.1 Examples of such personal data that may be collected from you include but are not limited to:
a. your full name, email address and your telephone number(s) and any other information relating to you; and
b. personal data of your family members, such as next of kin, spouses, and children or other beneficiaries

2. Purpose of Collection of Personal Data

2.1 Such personal data will be collected, used, disclosed and/or processed for purpose(s) such as:

a. providing product advise specific to the content on our website;
b. keeping you informed of new products which may be relevant to you;

c. compliance monitoring and audit reviews; due diligence checks; and

d. compliance with any applicable laws and regulations.

Third party personal data (such as spouse, children and parents) provided by you for the purpose of but not limited to, the fact find process or naming as beneficiaries / life assureds in any policy application, is deemed that you have obtained consent from the third party.

3. Disclosure of Personal Data

3.1 We will take reasonable steps to protect your Personal Data against unauthorised disclosure. Subject to the provisions of any applicable law, your Personal Data may be disclosed. to the following groups (not an exhaustive list):

a. our financial adviser representatives;
b. our business partners, the insurers;
c. to third party service providers we may engage to provide services such as marketing and research, telemarketing, printing, mail distribution, information technology and disaster recovery;
d. regulators or law enforcement agencies to comply with applicable laws or regulation or upon their valid request.


4. Marketing/ Optional Purposes

4.1 From time to time, we may contact you via mail, electronic mail or telephone (call or SMS-Text), to inform you about new products, services and events that we think may be of interest to you.
4.2 You can let us know at any time by emailing us at if you no longer wish to receive marketing materials and we will remove your details from our direct marketing database.

4.3 Please note that we may still send you non-marketing messages such as surveys, customer-service notices and other service related notices

5. Use of Cookies

5.1 A “cookie” is a small piece of information that is placed on your computer when you visit certain websites.
5.2 Cookies are used by the computer to remember your browsing preference, keep track of your interaction with the website and collecting data for access analytics purposes.

6. Protection of your Personal Data

6.1 Your Personal Data are protected from unauthorised access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal or similar risks by having reasonable safeguards in place that are appropriate to the sensitivity of the data.

7. Change of Policy and Product Pricing

7.1 Hairz Sg may revise and update the Policy and product’s pricing to take into account changes in our business and/or any changes in legal or regulatory requirements.

8. Contact Information

8.1 If you have any questions or comments regarding the Policy, please contact us at

9. Special Consideration

9.1 For any guest who has high blood pressure, heart condition, is pregnant or any other medical complications is advised to consult their physicians before signing up for any Cell-Light Hair Removal Therapy and laser-related services. Please inform your beauty therapist of any existing medical conditions to avoid complications and health problems. Anyone under the age of 18 must have parental consent for any services.

10. Valuables

10.1 We recommend that no jewellery be worn during the treatment.
The management and staff accept no responsibility for the loss of money or valuables of any kind brought into the treatment premises.

11. Payment

11.1 We accept cash, PayNow, PayLah and credit card payments. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


12. Disclaimer

12.1 The High Speed Cell-Light Hair Removal Therapy and services received at Hairz Sg are intended for general purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical treatment.

12.2 Guests will fully indemnify and hold harmless Hairz Sg, its affiliates, subsidiaries, representatives, agents, staff and suppliers from and against all liabilities, claims, expenses, damages and losses, including legal fees, arising out of or in connection with the spa treatments, services and/or facilities.

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